Building Information Modeling

Archimede offers the development of projects, works supervisions and technical consultancies by the use of BIM-oriented technologies in all the civil fields.

Several projects have been developed through the utilization of the Building Information Modelling for important customers such as the hospital authority “Ospedali Galliera”, the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure and the local authority “Ente Regione Liguria”.

Archimede can create information rich parametric representations of the projects providing all users the possibility of extracting and analysing data and specific information through drawings and charts. This process is the creation of the project database whether it’s a building or an infrastructure.

Elaborazione BIM

The main benefits of BIM are:

  • interoperability: it improves the efficiency and makes easier data exchange between all the designers
  • clash detection: the BIM toolset helps automate conflict identification and resolving of elements
  • complete correspondence between requirements and final model

Even for the infrastructure design the use of BIM-oriented technologies involves a series of advantages

  • availability of digital data (CAD, GIS, point cloud)
  • engineer in context from the start, uncover potential impacts in the preliminary design phase
  • manage larger-scale infrastructure models created from existing data sources and generate proposals at the appropriate level of detail
  • explore preliminary design options and optimize project performance
  • combine and connect data to better create, view, analyze, share, and manage information to make decisions in context
  • flexibility in managing of variations during the executive stage
  • time management and works supervision: timeline and unexpected


BIM - Ospedale Galliera Genova pad B8
BIM - Ospedale Galliera Genova pad B4
BIM - Ospedale Galliera Genova pad B4-1
BIM - Ospedale Galliera Genova pad B sez3
BIM - Ospedale Galliera Genova pad B2
BIM - Ospedale Galliera Genova pad B1
BIM - Ospedale Galliera Genova pad A sez 2
BIM - Ospedale Galliera Genova pad A2
BIM - Ospedale Galliera Genova pad A1
BIM - Ospedale Galliera Genova - Progetto Indicate

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